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What is the cause of the obvious vibration of the high pressure centrifugal blower? Aug 14, 2018

During the operation of the high pressure centrifugal blower, it mainly works through the operation of its impeller. Therefore, vibration during its operation is unavoidable. However, if there is a problem of severe vibration, it will affect the normal use of the high-pressure centrifugal fan, so why is this happening?


In fact, if the high-pressure centrifugal fan equipment is subjected to severe vibration, it may be caused by the fact that the fan shaft is not concentric with the motor shaft and the pulley groove is misaligned. Or it may be caused by the friction between the casing or the air inlet and the impeller, or it may be due to the insufficient or weak rigidity of the foundation, which causes the vibration to be severe during the operation of the fan.


In addition, if the high pressure centrifugal blower is found to have severe vibration, it may be caused by loosening of the impeller rivet or deformation of the impeller. In addition, if the impeller shaft hole is loosely engaged with the shaft, the casing, the bearing housing and the bracket, and the coupling bolts such as the bearing housing and the bearing cap may be loosened. Moreover, if the inlet and outlet pipes of the fan are poorly installed, severe vibration will also occur.