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The energy-efficient characteristic of the air-conditioning centrifugal blower Dec 06, 2017

When using the the air-conditioning centrifugal blower, it is important not only to know the correct use and maintenance of the fan, but also to know that the fan should be used efficiently. Only improving the use efficiency of the air conditioning centrifugal fan will let the use of the fan more meet the needs of the site.


The energy saving of the air-conditioning centrifugal blower will have a great relationship with the different flow rate. In view of this, the regulation will be divided into several different practices, therefore, the regulation of energy saving effect is not too large, even will appear not only not energy - saving, but also appears the phenomenon of excessive work because of the existence of the adjustment device.


The variable speed regulation curve of the air-conditioning centrifugal blower is close to the ideal curve. The more superior speed regulation mode is, the energy saving scheme with variable frequency motor speed regulation is the best, but the frequency conversion device should be added.


The adjustment of the air-conditioning centrifugal blower is to make the wind pressure or air volume of the fan meet the standard, so it can be controlled artificially. By adjusting, the fan will be in stable working conditions, and meet the production of flow or pressure requirements.


The selection of the adjustment mode of the air-conditioning centrifugal blower will not only affect the use effect of the air-conditioning centrifugal blower, but also will have a greater impact on the energy saving of the air-conditioning centrifugal blower. At this time, it is necessary to choose a more appropriate adjustment method, in keeping the fan in the same effect, to achieve the energy-saving effect.