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The casing of the backward impeller centrifugal fan is assembled and properly protected Sep 20, 2018

The installation of the backward impeller centrifugal fan unit should be placed directly on the foundation with the pair of inclined horns. The centrifugal fan assembled on site should be properly protected and should not be rusted or operated. When the base is placed on the foundation, apply a pair of diagonal horns to level.

The backward impeller centrifugal fan bushing should be corrected before the rotor shaft and the shaft axis of the casing, and the gap between the impeller and the inlet and the gap between the main shaft and the shaft hole of the rear plate of the casing should be adjusted. Meet the requirements of the equipment technical documentation.

When the backward impeller centrifugal fan casing is assembled, the position of the casing should be corrected based on the rotor shaft line and the axial and radial clearance between the impeller inlet and the casing inlet should be high-speed to the equipment technology. In the scope specified in the document, check that the anchor bolts are tight. If the gap value is not specified in the technical documentation of the equipment, the general axial clearance should be 1/100 of the outer diameter of the impeller.

When the backward impeller centrifugal fan is aligned, the different axis of the fan shaft and the motor shaft: the radial positioning should not exceed 0.05 mm, and the inclination should not exceed 0.2/1000. The centrifugal fan assembled by the rolling bearing, the different axial degrees of the bearing holes on the two bearing frames, can be controlled by the rotation flexibility after the rotor is installed.