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Operational skills for maintaining efficient operation of the Backward impeller centrifugal fan Aug 09, 2018

If you want to achieve good results and maximize your functions during the operation of the Backward -diameter centrifugal fan, what methods can you add to it? In fact, the Backward -wheel impeller centrifugal fan can be started at full pressure or step-down, but it must ensure sufficient capacity of the grid when using full-pressure start-up. If the capacity of the grid is insufficient, it is necessary to use the form of buck start.


Moreover, before the test of the Backward -diameter centrifugal fan, it is necessary to carefully read the product manual, especially to check the circuit. Because the centrifugal fan is in the test, if there is a fault in the circuit, it will directly cause the fan to malfunction. And the test should be no less than two people, and check whether the data of the fan in all aspects is normal. When the inspection is completed, it takes at least five minutes to start again.


Note that even if the Backward -wheel impeller centrifugal fan is in normal operation, it is necessary to measure whether the input current is normal. If the test current exceeds the rated current, stop the machine even if the fan is running, and then measure all aspects of the data. Because the rated current is definitely for a reason, it may affect the use of the Backward  diameter impeller centrifugal fan.